Morgan Downes | Co-President

Morgan has a degree in Environmental Science and has worked extensively with state and federal agencies to uphold the Clean Water Act within the state of Missouri. She currently works for a private environmental consulting firm with a focus on energy efficiency. Morgan holds a lifelong passion for community service and has volunteered for a multitude of local and international nonprofit organizations. In her youth she discovered an outlet for expression and creativity through the music and arts community. Her mission is to combine her passions to gather community members together, giving them safe spaces to express and tap into their creativity, while simultaneously supporting one another and the environment.

BC | Co-President

BC has deep roots in event planning and all things IT related. Driven by the desire to bring people together, BC has been organizing community events in Missouri for nearly a decade. After falling in love with live music and witnessing the joy it sparks in communities globally, he knew that he wanted to spend his life spreading that energy by sparking as many smiles, dances, and great memories as he possibly could. BC is dedicated to helping people create lifelong memories whilst giving to his community.

Spencer Anne | Co-President

Spencer has had a passion for all things arts & self expression since she could walk. She is a creator in many mediums – from acrylic painting to helping organize music & art events & everything in between. She studied Exercise Science & Wellness at the University of Missouri St. Louis and loves sharing her findings and experiences surrounding the importance of physical health and the connection between the body and mind with those around her. Her other interests include traveling, plants, dancing, yoga, and truly just being mindful of the energy she is spreading throughout this world.

Christy Shocklee | Treasurer

Christy is passionate about bringing the community together through dance and movement. Her passions have led her to obtaining a 200 hour yoga teacher certification, as well as becoming a Reiki Master. She loves being able to lead others in movement and assist others in accessing the healing benefits of energy work.

Christy also expresses herself creatively through digital drawing and fire performing. Her other interests include spending time in nature, vegan cooking and traveling.

Maura Mudd | Art Director

Miz Mudd is a dedicated freelance graphic designer based in the heart of Missouri. With an unwavering love for the arts and working with other creatives, she believes that design has the power to shape ideas, businesses, and the world itself. It's this belief that fuels her passion for assisting individuals and businesses in bringing their visions to life.

Dakota Rausch | Art Director

Coming Soon.

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.